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What is the Pain Unlayering Protocol?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The Pain Unlayering Protocol is a highly personalized approach to diagnosing and treating pain, developed by me, Dr. Brian Lai, M.D. Differing from the standard diagnostic protocols used by hospitals and large practices (often created by insurance companies and not physicians), this protocol is designed to pinpoint the actual causes creating and contributing to your body’s unique pain.

Dr. Brian Lai, M.D. examining the low back or lumbar area during a physical examination

The Pain Unlayering Protocol begins with a series of in-depth patient interviews, clinical examinations, and thorough review of medical records. I carefully review your complete history and develops a thoughtful approach that sometimes includes targeted testing to hone in on the most accurate diagnosis of the root cause of the pain. I then create the most efficient and effective pain treatment plan for you, and personally delivers each treatment, following up with you every step of the way.

“The protocol is based on the understanding that pain can be complicated and multi-layered, with different root causes overlapping to create myriad symptoms. I use my system to obtain a precise diagnosis and then implement a customized treatment plan that ensures safe, effective resolution of my patient's pain,” says Dr. Lai.

The Pain Unlayering Protocol works best for patients with chronic pain. This is generally defined as pain lasting greater than three months. It can also work for patients with acute pain, meaning pain lasting less than three months, when other treatments have been ineffective.

Request an appointment on my contact page and see how the Pain Unlayering Protocol can work for you.


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