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Happy Thanksgiving from Specialty Pain Care: Turkey Day Tips for Dealing with Pain

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with our loved ones and celebrate the special people in our lives. After the last few years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making up for some lost time and meeting with those we have missed these last years.

Family sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with one gentleman standing with the turkey.

For some, the holidays can add to stress levels as you juggle chronic pain, family dinners, buying gifts, and cooking meals. Chronic pain does not go on vacation during this time of the year. That adds to the frustration of this busy time.

Dinner table with many different foods for Thanksgiving.

Here are five tips that can help make things more manageable during this time of the year:

1. Listen to your body: You know your own body best. It may be tempting to do everything and anything as if you did not have chronic pain. I can empathize with the desire to do what everyone else is doing. However, listening to your body about when you need a break and taking it is ok to do.

2. Ask for help: Sometimes I forget to ask for help because I do not want to feel like a burden to others. I remind myself that people who love me are there for me because they want to be there. Friends and family are often more than willing to help. However, they do not magically know what you need, so asking is your way of communicating with them.

3. Simplify your tasks: Little things can make your life a whole lot easier. For example, when you are cooking meals for your friends and family, you can use pre-cut vegetables or even hire someone to help with cooking. In addition, you can suggest combining multiple events into one slightly larger, so that you are not traveling to many different locations and juggling multiple events.

4. Remember to rest: We all live such hectic lives, but we need to remember to “stop and smell the roses.” What I mean is that it is ok to relax and watch your favorite movie or stay in and order your favorite meal. The holidays add extra pressure to go into overdrive with your activities. Remember that you can decide to use the holidays to take a break. Pain takes a toll on your body and sometimes the best thing you can do for your chronic pain is to rest.

5. Enjoy the activities of the season: During the holiday season, you notice the number of invitations to events get bigger. You will have many choices of what you can do and with whom you can celebrate. Make sure that the events that you decide to attend give you joy. There is always that pressure to attend every event. It is ok to say no if that is the best for you and your chronic pain.

I hope you all enjoy the beginning of the holiday season. If you struggle with chronic pain and want to get better faster, request an appointment on my contact page and see how I can help you get back to doing the things you love.


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