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Happy Holidays from Specialty Pain Care – Travel Tips for the Holidays for People with Chronic Pain

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

The holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends. As you go off to different parts of the country and even other countries, travel can increase stress levels as bus stations, train stations and airports are not always the relaxing places to be during this time of year.

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Here are five tips and resources that can help make things more manageable as you go off to enjoy time with families and friends:


1.     Know your resources: There are many resources out there, but it can be difficult to figure out what they are. I created a separate blog post about Travel Resource Links for Special Accommodations and Travel Insurance. If you need an accommodation for air, train or bus travel, you need to contact the company directly and NOT the airport or station.


2.    Gather your medical information: Keep a list of your medical problems, your medications, allergies, contact information of your medical providers, and your health insurance information. This can be very helpful in an emergency when you are away from your home.


If you are travelling internationally, get to know your local medical resources where you will be travelling. You may need to obtain travel insurance including medical insurance for your destination. My blog post about Special Accommodations and Travel Insurance provides additional information and resources.


3.    Talk to your doctor, insurance company, and pharmacist about your plans: When going out of town and you are on medication, you may need to get an early refill of your medication, so you do not run out of your medication while you are away.

If you are travelling internationally, there are some additional requirements and considerations. For example, your medication may be illegal in your destination country. I have dedicated a separate blog post about Travel Tips when Traveling with Medications.


4.    Choose your seats by booking tickets in advance: The earlier you book your tickets for buses, trains and air travel the more likely you will be able to choose a seat that will fit your needs. I often recommend that patients with chronic pain choose an aisle seat during travel so they can get up and stretch when needed. Just remember, with buses you might not be able to really get up and walk.


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5.    Pack things to help make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable: Some things that may be helpful to helpful to manage your pain include disposable heating or cooling pads and a neck pillow. Other things that may be helpful are things that help you relax like your favorite book, movie, TV show or music. These can be pre-downloaded on your phone or a tablet, as sometimes Wi-Fi may not be available during your trip.

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I hope this information helps with your travels during the holiday season. One of the things that makes travel easier is having an advocate. If you are searching for a doctor to treat your chronic pain, request an appointment on my contact page and see how I can help you get back to doing the things you love, including travelling to your next destination.


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